Dental Implant is the epitome of dental engineering. It is the most natural solution to missing tooth/teeth. It is a root-shaped titanium screw-like structure used to replace missing teeth. They are placed in the jaw bone. They simulate the root portion of the tooth and fuse with the bone (osseointegration), and with the help of specific attachments, the entire tooth can be replaced without any modifications to the adjacent teeth.

Often patients have bone and soft tissue deficits, which hinder implant placement. In such cases, procedures like bone grafting, sinus lift, soft tissue augmentation, etc., are of need. Our center specializes in providing such advanced treatments.


A dental implant can be used to replace:

  1. Single missing tooth
  2. Multiple missing teeth
  3. Full mouth reconstruction: Required when all the teeth are missing in both upper and lower jaws or either upper or lower jaw. The treatment plan and the number of implants to be given as well as the implant superstructure (fixed or removable) is very specific for every individual. The diagnosis is made after a thorough investigation and discussion with the patient.

Missing Teeth may cause your facial muscles to sag and give you that old worn outlook. Implants can restore aesthetics and speech. Missing teeth may affect a person psychologically, making them feel awkward. Implants act and feel just like your natural teeth.

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