Restorative Dentistry covers a variety of procedures that are used to restore weak, discolored, chipped, decayed teeth to healthy conditions. Full Mouth Rehab includes restoration of all teeth or the majority of the teeth to improve function and aesthetics. It involves almost all aspects of dentistry. Every case is unique and requires a complete diagnosis and planning. Treatment may include root canals, extractions, gum procedures, dentures, crowns/bridges, implants, veneers, or a combination of these treatments.
It may involve only the upper teeth or the lower teeth or both. The aim of this treatment is to achieve cosmetics and function and for this teeth may need to be leveled for a better bite.

Our intra-oral Digital X-Ray technology allows us to provide instant x-ray reports of the oral area while minimizing radiation. Our doctors undergo special training in the use of this equipment to provide precise results.

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