Pedodontics is dentistry for children. It is a much-specialized branch of dentistry where the dentist is trained in giving dental care in a way children relate to. Childhood is a very important time to develop good oral hygiene and practices. Unlike adults, children have specific dental needs and need to be approached uniquely.
Preventive treatment –
Use of pit and fissure sealants on milk teeth in children prone to cavities.
Topical fluoride gel application in the dental office to decrease the tendency of tooth decay.

Restorative Treatment –
It includes fillings, tooth-colored fillings, and root canal treatment.
It is of utmost importance to maintain the milk teeth in good condition for the following reasons:
Allow permanent teeth to erupt in their natural position.
To not hamper the speech of the patient.
Psychological well-being of the patient.

Child Orthodontics:
Preventive orthodontics is indicated when a child has various habits like thumb sucking, lip biting, etc. These habits cause the upper front teeth to proline, leading to speech problems, mouth breathing habits, and poor aesthetics. Corrective orthodontics is used to correct irregular or malpositioned teeth, correct the bite and enhance the dental as well as the general health of the patient.
At our center, we ensure that the best treatment option is given to the child patient, making them comfortable and confident.

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