Orthodontics deals with BRACES. Orthodontic treatment involves the correction of misalignment of teeth and discrepancies in jaw growth, thereby enhancing the aesthetics and function of the face.
I) Preventive orthodontics:
It involves regular follow-up with the orthodontist from the tender age of 6 years when permanent teeth are about to erupt. Over retained milk teeth, inadequate space for permanent teeth, jaw growth discrepancy, and habits (thumb sucking, etc.) call for orthodontic intervention.
II) Corrective orthodontics:

Different options for braces are
Metal braces
Ceramic braces (tooth-colored braces) are more pleasing to look at than metal braces and are preferred by collegians and professionals.
Lingual braces: Lingual braces are also known as invisible braces. The brackets are on the inner side of the teeth- facing the tongue, while the teeth appear normal to onlookers.
Clear aligners: A clear aligner is a transparent appliance used to correct the position of teeth. The advantage of clear aligners is it requires no bonding to teeth or any form of wires and hygiene is very easy to maintain. Most aesthetic and highly sought-after treatment.

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