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Good gum health ensures a sound foundation for teeth & ensures a healthy and beautiful smile. Gum problems are as prevalent as cavities. A simple teeth cleaning can do miracles for gum health.

Teeth cleaning is ideally advised twice a year to maintain gums in good health.

Gum disease Treatment Without Surgery -  LANAP  procedure has gained a lot of popularity in western countries.In addition to comfort and less recovery time, it also saves gum tissue that otherwise would be removed to treat the disease. Treatment is almost painless and provides long-lasting results.(video)

Advanced Gum Disease which causes bone loss, can be treated with Curettage & Flap Treatment. 

Some patients are bothered by GUMMY SMILE. Cosmetic Gum Correction can be done for smile beautification.

At our center, we use the latest LASER to perform gum procedures.

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