They are fixed prosthetic devices that are attached to existing teeth or dental implants.

CROWN – It is used to cover or “cap” a damaged tooth or cover an implant.

BRIDGE – It is used to cover a space for missing tooth or teeth.

They are recommended to-

Cover a tooth after root canal treatmentProtect a weak tooth from fractureReplace a large filling where the remaining tooth structure is lessRestore a fractured toothReplace missing tooth/teethCover a discolored or poorly shaped toothRestore dental implant


Full Ceramic (Zirconia, Bruxzir, E-max, Procera)Porcelain Fuse MetalFull Metal

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

It includes restoration of all or majority of the teeth to improve function and aesthetics. It includes a variety of procedures that are used to restore damaged, discolored & decayed tooth to healthy conditions.

Treatment may include root canal, extractions, gum procedures, dentures, crowns & bridges, implants, veneers or a combination of these treatments.It involves a holistic approach to achieve overall function & aesthetics. (Video)