IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING OF GOOD QUALITY AND YOU TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT – YOU CAN HAVE IT FOREVER”. The mouth can be regarded as the mirror of the body. Various oral problems are linked with many systemic diseases. Good oral hygiene can be easily maintained.


Maintenance is the key to everything. Even the most expensive amenities require timely maintenance, likewise, proper brushing is the key to good oral health. It is not the about the brand of products but about the technique of brushing. Change your brush every 3-6 months.


Areas that are hard to reach by toothbrush (between teeth) are cleaned with floss. Regular flossing prevents tooth decay and maintains good gum health.


You should regularly visit your Dentist. Any problem if diagnosed and intercepted in an early stage saves you money as well maintains your natural teeth for longer service. Remember NEGLECT IS THE MOST COSTLIEST THING.


Keep your habits in check. Excess of anything is bad. Drinking soda, smoking, excess sugar intake etc. have adverse effects on your oral health.


A well-balanced diet takes care of your nutritional requirements. Reduce intake of refined carbohydrates. Include fibrous fruits, veggies and dairy products in your diet.

Dr.Manthan Desai MDS

Smiles Dental Clinic-Centre For Advanced Dentistry, Mumbai.

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